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Nifty Future Intraday Tips

Intraday Nifty Future Closing : 5666
Watch carefully today's nifty magical figure... 5670
Buy Nifty Future above magical figure for upside
First target...   5702 and above it
Second target...    5725
and crosses over both it will come...    5758
Sell Nifty Future, if Nifty is running below magical figure then your downside
First target...    5642
Second target... 5617
Third target... 5590

(Closing -18814)
Today's Sensex magical figure... 18825
Above magical figure upside targets ,
First target ... 18940
Second target...19010
Third target ... 19100
Sensex Running Below Magical Figure,
First target ....   18745
Second Target ... 18670
Third target ...18587

(Closing - 11415)
Today's magical figure...11440
Buy it above magical figure upside
First target ... 11492
Second target ... 11570
Third target...    11648
Sell it if running below Magical figure for downside:
First target ...11350
Second target...11303
Third target ... 11260

TODAY: Nifty open positively and it was showing range bound situation in the market. It takes the good support of 5630 and takes the reversal from that level and close positively. Now consider support we can see in Nifty is 5630-5610-5570 and resistance we will see 5662-5710.Today Magic No. ... 5627

TODAY: BSE SENSEX open positively and it was showing range bound situation in the market and close positively. Now the consider support in Nifty 18323-18178 and resistance 18862-18938-19031.Today Magic No. 18762.

Today: Yesterday Bank Nifty opens strongly almost 1% and after it showing range bound situation and close positively around opening. Now the consider support in Bank Nifty 11239-11155 and resistance 11401-11503. Magic No. 11412

Nifty Future : Today it will face resistance 5700-5705 crossover an d stay with volume... may test ..? On the flip side, if not trade above 5666 and break and break below..........? Down side target 5636 and below. Time being top out and consider resistance Friday High 5702. - 100-150 down side if not close above last week high, above negated the views.
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